The “logic of the grain of wheat”

While one may look at environmental problems such as climate change and be discouraged by concrete reality or failed logic, Pope Benedict XVI again abounds  in his references to Creation  and speaks about how to solve the worlds problems – drawing on Jesus himself, he talks of Christianity and the “logic of the grain of […]

Galapagos Tsunami 50 days later…

Below is an email summarizing the events of the tsunami that hit the Galapagos almost 50 days ago. Thanks to Tannia, a missionary for the Catholic Church serving in the Island of San Cristobal, where I was in January.  Below Tannia’s first hand information on the events (in Spanish): En todo el Ecuador se vivió una […]

Natural and Unnatural disasters

  Recently there have been two different ‘disasters’ which have had environmental impacts on remote islands. This provides an interesting case for us to identify our own understanding of what is natural. The first is in the Galapagos Islands, which have suffered the effects of the tsunami that has caused so much harm in Japan. […]

Accident on Meeker

Becca Stubbs, a CU Boulder student, suffered a serious accident climbing Mt. Meeker. I have been waiting to post this becasue she sent an incredible and detailed description in first person. I have not received a response from her if i could make it public, so I will not post that piece. You’ll have to […]

The Call to Technology Applied

Here’s a cool little article of an example of how technology and communications can be a positive force and contribute to the apostolic mission.The Pope called for this in a recent message on communications.  There is a new iPhone app for confession, that has received an imprimatur. You can read it here. The creator of […]

Habermas, Ratzinger and the Kantian divide

Over the last week I have been struggling to understand the basic architecture of German philosopher Jurgen Habermas, perhaps the most famous philosopher of his generation. While by no means do I claim a organic understanding of his work, but Summary Jurgen Habermas which summarizes his position and approach to modernity, via reason and rationalization, […]

Climate Change and Reconciliation

There are 2 good posts/articles that talk about reconciliation related to climate change, though in different and indirect ways. The first one, which touches on the Copenhagen Climate Summit, comes from a clearly Catholic perspective but indirectly calls for the reconciliation of human beings with themselves. Applebaum does a great, and simple, job of showing […]

John Paul II Trail

Guest post by Tom Collingwood, PhD: Download here : jpiihandbook This New Years is the 21st anniversary of John Paul II’s 1990 World Peace Day Message where he called upon all of us to be stewards of creation. John Paul II was considered by some as the “ecological” Pope and he spoke extensively on the […]

Agriculture, GMO’s and the Church

Pope Benedict XVI delivered an address on the importance of agriculture, specifically within the context of the world economic crisis and its relationship to the ‘scandal of hunger’, poverty and the ‘ecological emergency’. Recognizing the unsustainable use of resources he spoke of the need for a new approach to consumption and a different approach to […]

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