2013 Climate Change Review

Roger Pielke Jr. has an excellent summary on the “state of climate change”, (view the article), given in his testimony to the House last week. The full testimony is posted here, with some of the highlights below. Also, there is an interesting confrontation item by item on the mistakes of the last IPCC assessment for anyone […]


In the following lines,  Stratford Caldecott presents us his vision of hope in order to get a better environmental careful, considering no only the own benefits, but also the welfare of all God´s creatures. John Paul II in his Message for the World Day of Peace in 1990 said: “Peace with God the Creator; Peace […]


Dr. Pablo Martínez de Anguita present us a marvelous description about his  reconciliation experience between science and faith, two ways to recognize the wisdom of God Dr. Pablo Martinez is catholic, researcher and university professor of environmental economics. The history of Dr.Pablo with nature dates since many years ago when he used to contemplate the […]

The 4th Rupture: A Path to Reconciliation – Creatio on EWTN

Last week the EWTN documentary “The 4th Rupture” on the environment, hosted by Ricardo Simmonds was uploaded to the Creatio website. Please check it out here. My favorite episode is the last one, where we interview college students on missions, below. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/61223153] This 13 episode documentary, in Spanish and English, proposes a Catholic vision […]

Silence and the “eco-system” of communications

There is an excellent opinion article in the New York Times about “The Joy of Quiet”. There Pico Iyer explains how the trend for the future is to seek silence, not communication. We are overloaded already, and will be paying not for cell minutes or extra bandwidth, but rather for places that ban internet, phones […]

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