Biblical Adventures: The Grain of Wheat

[slideshow] Creatio has begun a new series of spiritual activities called Biblical Adventures. The central idea is to participate in outdoor activities that are used in the Bible to illustrate a spiritual reality. Some examples are vine dressing, fishing, shepherding, farming, harvesting wheat, etc. By actually participating in these activities, we can get some deeper […]

Backpacking and Faith

Today Pope Benedict XVI officially proclaimed the beggining of the year of faith with an inaugural Mass and a private note with reflections on Vatican II. During the Mass the Pope spoke about the importance of faith, in continuum with Vatican II and the teachings of the most recent Pope’s since then. IN concluding his […]

Away on Missions

Just like Andy in the picture, Creatio Missions is ready to get its hands dirty again. I will be away on a mission to Brazil until late August, so sparse posts until then. For now, enjoy the last video from Onebillionstories on the last Peru missionary interview and a picture of how service can bring […]

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