John Paul II and Skiing

Here’s a video that shows why Pope John Paul II is considered by some as a ‘patron’ of environmental issues and the outdoors. It is well known that the Pope loved to be outdoors, and did some  of his early apostolate canoeing and hiking as a young priest. I also heard from Vatican insiders that […]

Peace and Freedom

A few days ago the 2011 World Day of Peace message was published, as we remember the same message last year, focused on the environment as a path of peace. This years theme is religious freedom as a way of fostering peace. Recently in a post I showed the relationship between environment and modern forms […]

Neo-paganism, Modern Polytheism and the Environment

Vatican insider Sandro Magister has an excellent summary and commentary of the latest comments of Pope Benedict XVI with regards to modern tendencies towards religious polytheism and neo-paganism. We must remember that Benedict XVI closely tied modern environmental ideas with neo-pagan and pseudo religious tendencies of our age in his historic speech on the environment […]

‘Christmas is the most radical antithesis to the vision of scientism’

Father Raniero Cantalamessa is the preacher of the Pontifical Household, which means he is the only one who preaches to the Pope. This is his message for Advent, which proves to be intriguing, as he will deal with 3 core issues, which are the central problems for our times: scientism, secularism and rationalism. The talk […]

“The Architect of God”

“Gaudí inspired his architecture on nature. He looked at the perfection of nature, which contained, order, harmony and symmetry, but which wasn’t quite perfect, but let room for creativity, as if it was a little off. This is what Gaudí sought to imitate in his architecture, the Creation of God.” This is is the gist […]

How to dialogue with secular culture

Vatican journalist Sandro Magister has an interesting post on Mateo Ricci, the great missionary to China, and his method of evangelizing culture. Most of this is contained in the section called “The Method of Accommodation” at the bottom. The connection here is with the Pope’s historic address to the British Parliament mentioned in another post […]

The Middle East, Fundamentalism and Climate Change

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_U_-ggZbdM&feature=player_embedded] In the Synod of Bishops of the Middle East, the Pope delivered an incredible reflection, without reading a text or prepared paper (see the video), that includes deep spiritual reflections, especially on Mary and ‘simple faith’, the dangerous ideologies of our times, such as the slavery of capital and fundamentalist terrorism that become gods, […]

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