Biodiversity ‘talk and no walk’

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meeting in Nagoya, Japan is at its midpoint and there is already talk about failure. Once again we find environmental issues which have high media attention get little action accomplished. The debates seem to be revolving around similar problems that the Climate Change international summits faced – the […]

The Middle East, Fundamentalism and Climate Change

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_U_-ggZbdM&feature=player_embedded] In the Synod of Bishops of the Middle East, the Pope delivered an incredible reflection, without reading a text or prepared paper (see the video), that includes deep spiritual reflections, especially on Mary and ‘simple faith’, the dangerous ideologies of our times, such as the slavery of capital and fundamentalist terrorism that become gods, […]

Benedict XVI in the UK – Part II

Following from the previous post, Pope Benedict XVI renewed his wish that the Holy See and UK may grow in cooperation of efforts,  “especially in cooperation for international development, in care for the natural environment, and in the building of a civil society with a renewed sense of shared values and common purpose” (Farewell Address […]

Benedict XVI in the UK on the environment

Though the content of the Pope’s message to the UK certainly does not center on the environment, there are some mentions that are important. One of the Pope’s main messages has been the relationship of Christianity as well as religion in general to the current climate of secularism. This is where there is some connection […]

Pope John Paul II and Evolution

In an excellent article, The Mystery of human Origins: Which theories are compatible with Catholic faith?, Mark Brumley quotes some central passages from Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI on the issue: “Rightly comprehended, faith in creation or a correctly understood teaching of evolution does not create obstacles: evolution in fact presupposes creation; creation […]

Climate Change – the future

Here is a concise 30 minute  video, an analysis of the situation of climate change and how the future looks. It’s the work of CU Boulder Professor Roger Pielke Jr. I was part of the graduate student project he mentions; which doesn’t mean I fully support this view, but it is a very careful, rational […]

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