Conscience and Truth

Following up from the previous post on the debate between population and environment, on the grounds of women’s and reproductive rights, here comes the response of theoretical and fundamental issues. Just to enumerate some of the arguments and ideas that Goldman invoked to justify abortion and contraception: Reproductive rights are about the freedom of women […]

“Grasp the real questions” – Part II

As promised in part I, it was important to “grasp the real questions” and learn about the classics, about philosophy and theology. Boethius was an early middle age philosopher, and also a saint, who was able to wonderfully synthesize philosophy and theology. His “Consolation of Philosophy” is a must read, as he has Lady Philosophy […]

Cruel Mistress?

Today a tsunami hit Indonesia once again, and so far over 100 people are reported dead and 500 missing. I probably know some of those people. I spent almost 2 months in Indonesia 10 years ago, most of the time in Sumatra. Some of that time I spent in Aceh which was devastated by the […]

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