Paul is dead!

Paul, the Octopus, that is. Remember Paul, during World Cup, and how a crustacean was taking a leading role in divining the future, getting the masses riled up, even generating death threats. Well, Paul is gone. He passed away and the football community mourns. Nature seems to have stepped its bounds, but now it has […]

Biodiversity ‘talk and no walk’

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meeting in Nagoya, Japan is at its midpoint and there is already talk about failure. Once again we find environmental issues which have high media attention get little action accomplished. The debates seem to be revolving around similar problems that the Climate Change international summits faced – the […]

Of dogs and whales

This black lab here is Tucker, and he is certainly a low tech solution for scientific investigation. Researchers are using dogs to track whale faeces on the ocean. With this information, scientists can find out about whales’ diet, health and stress patterns. Tucker has been trained to smell the faeces from over a mile away, […]

The Art of Nature

[slideshow] Here is a link to some incredible pictures taken from what lies under the ocean. Juan Carlos Navarro is a member of the CLM living in the Dominican Republic, and takes these professional quality pictures. His Flickr collection is impressive. For the Creatio fans waiting for a trip to lead, imagine a scuba diving […]

The Blessing of Waves

I guess this can be understood in two ways. The most amusing perhaps, follows from this story on CNA where in Southern California the Church is organizing a formal blessing of waves: The Diocese of Orange County recently announced its third annual wave blessing ceremony, intended to invoke gratitude for the natural beauty of the […]

The Protection of the Mata Atlântica

The Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Coast) is a unique ec0logical niche, one of the 5 most important hot-spots for biodiversity on the planet. It si the largest Biosphere Reserve designated by UNESCO, representing one of the most important regions for conservation in the world. Its initial range covered over 130 million hectares along the East Coast […]

Muir’s concession…

Some of you may have seen these pictures in an email that circulates around. To wilderness lovers this may come as a heartbreak, but not all the pictures show a natural phenomenon, some are man-made (read below). The explanation is from snopes.com. My greatest interest however are the pictures themselves and what they communicate. Lately […]

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