The Cardinal and the Atheist

[youtube=] Here is an excellent debate on TV between Cardinal Pell of Sydeny and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. Inevitably much of the argument ends up on different views on creation and evolution and Cardinal Pell (who has approached environmental issues before) does a good job of defending the intelligence of the Catholic position and maintaining his […]

Biocentric Extreme: We are not plants!

This story is both upsetting and bizarre, and strangely and sadly somewhat comical for many who posted comments online. I came across this from a very environmentally minded friend, who thought it was hilarious. I don’t even know what to make of it. “A Swiss newspaper named Tages-Anzeiger reports that a woman actually tried to […]

Academia, crisis of thought and anthropology

There are two very interesting articles that severely critique the current academic setting and highlight our modern crisis of thought.The first article is by Martin A. Mills, a senior lecturer in the anthropology of religion, University of Aberdeen. You can find the full article here. Mills, among many other things, speaks of the need for […]

Pope John Paul II and Evolution

In an excellent article, The Mystery of human Origins: Which theories are compatible with Catholic faith?, Mark Brumley quotes some central passages from Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI on the issue: “Rightly comprehended, faith in creation or a correctly understood teaching of evolution does not create obstacles: evolution in fact presupposes creation; creation […]