Leap of Faith

Watch this video of madness. I guess you could say they are searching for God…? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzsNd5-0w2Y]    

“Do not be afraid of the poor”

These were the words of Cardinal Peter Turkson, an African, to the UN on the millennium development goals. The Cardinal was sent as a special envoy and shows that he knows his stuff. Extremely well versed and up to date on current issues of the MDG’s, he spoke well on economics and challenged the UN […]

The Role of Technology

Pope Benedict XVI gave an impressive address on the role of technology and the shaping of our current world. In a sense, this blog has much to do with a reflection on the role of technology and the new means in which to get a message across. While technology presents many opportunities it also presnets […]

Climate Madness – No Pressure

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgYOs71Vwng] This video has been doing the rounds on Youtube and caused sensation everywhere. The dumbest piece of PR in a long time. You can find some commentary here and here on the NYT. The full apology is also available. Enjoy!

Crisis of faith

An interesting CNN article describes the crisis of faith in the youth of today. Though this describes Christians mostly, I think it applies in a large extent to many expressions of Catholicism  as well – just my opinion from anecdotal evidence. Perhaps those most experienced with youth ministry can say more. Things described in the […]

Global poverty and climate change

Following up on previous posts, prompted by the UN Council which has been meeting on the situation of world poverty , Millennium Development Goals, and other key issues, there is a critical challenge that is going by almost unnoticed. Not unnoticed by Roger Pielke Jr. who in this post identifies some contradictions in policy approach […]

Virgil, God and nature

Virgil, the Roman poet most famous for the Aeneid, composed his first major work in 42 BC called the Eclogues. These are  interesting from an environmental perspective since here already we see a nostalgic, if not romantic, depiction of life in the countryside and the pastoral life. From the busy city of Rome, Virgil depicts […]

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