Climate Change and Religion

Last week in Boulder, Mike Hulme gave an impressive presentation of his book and his intellectual contribution to the subject of climate change. The title of the book is explains a lot of the project: “Why we disagree about climate change”. Mike explains climate change as an idea more than a physical event, it is […]

Speaking of the Camino…

While we are on the subject of the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela in the previous post, occasion for reflections on truth and freedom, here is a new movie set on the famous pilgrimage. We’ll have to see, but this one seems to integrate a vision of freedom that is closer to truth, where […]

Paul’s legacy lives on – skill

Paul may have died but his legacy lives. Here is a serious post by a policy analyst that usually concerns himself with disaster forecasts and their relationship with climate change, but talks about Paul’s predictive powers. I posted on the cultural significance of Paul during the world cup, connected to some philo-Emersonian form of knowledge, […]

“The Architect of God”

“Gaudí inspired his architecture on nature. He looked at the perfection of nature, which contained, order, harmony and symmetry, but which wasn’t quite perfect, but let room for creativity, as if it was a little off. This is what Gaudí sought to imitate in his architecture, the Creation of God.” This is is the gist […]

Paul is dead!

Paul, the Octopus, that is. Remember Paul, during World Cup, and how a crustacean was taking a leading role in divining the future, getting the masses riled up, even generating death threats. Well, Paul is gone. He passed away and the football community mourns. Nature seems to have stepped its bounds, but now it has […]

Biodiversity ‘talk and no walk’

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meeting in Nagoya, Japan is at its midpoint and there is already talk about failure. Once again we find environmental issues which have high media attention get little action accomplished. The debates seem to be revolving around similar problems that the Climate Change international summits faced – the […]

How to dialogue with secular culture

Vatican journalist Sandro Magister has an interesting post on Mateo Ricci, the great missionary to China, and his method of evangelizing culture. Most of this is contained in the section called “The Method of Accommodation” at the bottom. The connection here is with the Pope’s historic address to the British Parliament mentioned in another post […]

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