The Middle East, Fundamentalism and Climate Change

[youtube=] In the Synod of Bishops of the Middle East, the Pope delivered an incredible reflection, without reading a text or prepared paper (see the video), that includes deep spiritual reflections, especially on Mary and ‘simple faith’, the dangerous ideologies of our times, such as the slavery of capital and fundamentalist terrorism that become gods, […]

Energy in the USA

The Economist has in interesting article on the failure of nuclear energy to fill in the energy gap in the USA. As you can imagine a lot of it has to do with politics, and the Obama administration that seemed favorable has pulled out big time. Meanwhile, it seems that “drill, baby, drill” is the […]

Climate Madness – No Pressure

[youtube=] This video has been doing the rounds on Youtube and caused sensation everywhere. The dumbest piece of PR in a long time. You can find some commentary here and here on the NYT. The full apology is also available. Enjoy!

Geo-Engineering on the radio

You can listen to a thoughtful piece by Roger Pielke Jr. on Geo-Engineering in relation to climate change. I have heard Roger on this several times, and he doesn’t seem to be a big fan, for good reasons. Check it out here, on Southern California Public Radio.

Global poverty and climate change

Following up on previous posts, prompted by the UN Council which has been meeting on the situation of world poverty , Millennium Development Goals, and other key issues, there is a critical challenge that is going by almost unnoticed. Not unnoticed by Roger Pielke Jr. who in this post identifies some contradictions in policy approach […]

Copenhagen Failure

It’s all over the news, the COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, the much expected world summit on climate change was a failure. Roger Pielke Jr. has an interesting post on his blog explaining why reaching an agreement is so problematic. Follow it here.

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