Canticle of all Creatures

St. Francis of Assisi, whose day was celebrated today, gave us  a great legacy , his love and concern for all creatures, as an expression of God’s love for us. Following  the example of Saint Francis we can get the  reconciliation with creation each day!


One thought on “Canticle of all Creatures

  1. It is so encouraging to see St.Francis of Assisi words in his Canticle of Brother Sun. Pope Francis himself went to Assisi and spoke about how to treat nature, as coming from God´s hands. To 50000 young people he said “”Today in the name of Francis I say I have no gold or silver to give you, but something far more precious: the gospel of Jesus.” He concluded: “Carry the gospel in your houses, proclaiming it among your friends, receive and Serve it to the poor.” cfr. zenit. org

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