Cancun not so fun…

The Cancun world climate summit happening right now seems to be falling apart in many ways. Grist magazine comes out saying that “Cancun climate talks hit bump thanks to Japan and Brazil” and the quotes Lula (yes, in Brazil even president’s are called by their nicknames)

“No big leader is going, only environment ministers at best. We don’t even know if foreign ministers are going. So there won’t be any progress,” Lula, who himself decided not to travel to Mexico, told reporters in Brazil.

But others will argue that the summit is not working because of other reasons, and Japan and Brazil’s positions are just symptoms of a larger issue. One of these positions is suggested by Andy Revkin here.

And if you want another, more personal and perhaps cruder version, follow Ben Hale who is in Cancun and updating regularly. I would be very surprised if anything were going to come from this meeting. Already in Copenhagen I expressed this, guided by Roger Pielke Jr. here and the Catholic Church’s message here. I think they both had a point, and now everyone is chiming in.

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