Strarford and Sophie Caldecott present us a resume of their lecture presented in the frame of WYD held in Rio de Janeiro on July, 2013. This beautiful document have special relevance in the context of the next encyclical about Ecology that our Pope is writing.     Through the pontificates of John Paul II, […]

Beauty, Humor and Insight

This post has a little bit of many things. 1. First of all,  a great marketing effort by follow the frog label. Very funny and makes the point, with insight and criticism of some eco-gringo aspirations. My only issue with it is the solution: “Just follow the frog”. Really, is that all we can do? […]


  Yesterday ,we celebrated the World Water Day , wáter is a natural resource which is very important to conserve life on the planet. Do not forget that ¾ of the Earth is water , that 75 % of all living things is water. So how could we live without water? A human can survive […]

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