Pope calls for a sober way of life

Echoing one of his fundamental points made in regards to the Church’s approach to the environment, Pope Benedict again called for a measure in the use of our goods. The spiritual life, and the example of Mary were indicated as ways of making this intention a reality. He said that: “We too, who live in […]

Faith, nature and the World Cup

As a Brazilian football fan I have been obviously following the Word Cup, and have been wondering how I could connect any of that to faith and environment. Well, surprise, surprise! Paul and his python friend have done that for us. Paul is an octopus, a ‘psychic octopus’, who supposedly predicts the future. He is […]

Poverty, water and tropical glaciers

Below the article I promised on glaciers in the Andes and poverty… Hot and hungry in the Andes “When I was a child there was such an abundance of water…” says Santiago Quispe, the community leader of San Luis, a remote village in the Peruvian high Andes. I can hardly hear him at the top […]

Back from the High Andes

I am back to the USA after almost 2 months in Peru leading mission trips. While there I took the time and did some reserach and interviews to understand the impact of climate change, if any, on impoverished people. I have a new article on this issue, mixing both the latest reasearch as well as […]

Unreliable IPCC

There are many reasons for distrusting the information the IPCC is giving us on climate. Serious contention has arisen from 2 specific areas: The IPCC exaggeration of glacier melt in the Himalayas and the association of climate change with disaster damage such as hurricanes. The IPCC affirmations on both these areas are being seriously contested. […]

Green Revolution

The Pope’s comments on the environment are still generating much interest and discussion. Here is an article by Sandro Magister, an Italian journalist who has an article on Pope Benedict XVI and the environment. Make sure to read the commentaries at the end; of Professor Prodi, a leading Church climatologist and the Pope’s Banker. This […]

Copenhagen Failure

It’s all over the news, the COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, the much expected world summit on climate change was a failure. Roger Pielke Jr. has an interesting post on his blog explaining why reaching an agreement is so problematic. Follow it here.

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