The Water’s Edge

Creatio Leadership Summit, August 2018 By Jarrod Kinkley In his book “We Stood Upon Stars” Roger W. Thompson retells a series of stories that reminisce about adventures he had undertaken during various stages in his life. These range from riding on the back of a Harley with his grandfather through the Rockies to backpacking with his friends […]

God Moments on a Creatio Hut Trip in Colorado

2018 Creatio Hut Trip By: Katie M. Come, Holy Spirit Come… As I begin to write this blog before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I am overcome with joy and excitement at the fact of being able to share how Christ worked in my heart and my life through the 2018 Creatio Betty Bear Hut […]

The Vital Importance of Service Learning

Our partners at Benedictine College have launched a service learning department to integrate classroom lessons into real-life experience through service to the poor.  Brilliant!  They asked us for our thoughts on this and our recent mission to the Peruvian Andes, and the story is now live.  Check it out!  

Take A Walk On The Spanish Side with Bear Woznick and Creatio

Bear and Creatio are at it again!  Our Missions and Adventures Director was a guest on Bear’s Woznick’s Deep Adventure radio show.  Ever wonder what it’s like on the Camino de Santiago?  Hear Kevin’s experience walking about 600 miles of it and the role the mysticism of the Camino played in reinvigorating his faith. If […]

Adam Goes Off The DEEP End With EWTN Host Bear Woznick

Recently our Executive Director was a guest on Bear Woznick’s Deep Adventure Radio Show.  They talk about all kinds of things, explore God’s wild side, the creation and evolution of trails, and other topics you won’t want to miss. Big thanks to Bear for the thought-provoking interview! If you’re a regular podcast listener, Adam’s episode […]

Hope is the Virtue of a Pilgrim

We are all on a pilgrimage. Knowing we are on a journey, knowing we are made for something greater, knowing there is a destination – this is the root of hope. Walking the Camino de Santiago last summer brought light to the words of a talk I recently heard: hope is the virtue of a […]

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