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01Apr 2020

Reflections on Social Distancing by Jack Walsh

  The Coronavirus is changing our lives, but we can learn to make the best of it. Adjusting to this time well is important for our wellbeing… With some effort, we can come out of this as better-formed people with a new perspective on life. I sit here in my armchair looking out the windows […]

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14Apr 2020

How Botany Could Save the World

We can all engage with our faith and common belief to have a civil and productive discussion and action in caring for our God’s gorgeous work of art: Creation. How Botany Could Save the World Social Distancing with John Muir in My Own Backyard As I step outside my kitchen door and take in a […]

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22Apr 2020

Earth Day Reflection

It is hard to gaze on the majesty of a snow-capped mountain, on the beauty of a sunset, or the subtle glory of a hummingbird and not be captivated with a sense of wonder and awe at the grandeur of the natural world. Catholic Earth Day Reflections   Respect, and yes, even sincere affection for […]

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26Jun 2020

Q: What do we do in a time of trial, strife, injustice, pandemic, [insert here]? A: Go on Pilgrimage

When enemy forces stood at the gates of Europe again and again during the Middle Ages, pilgrimage became the battle cry of the Catholic faithful, from noble to peasant. Young Catholic Non-Profits Respond to the Global Crisis in their own Unique Way – or the Way the Church has always responded, with more than 300 […]

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29Jun 2020

Into the Woods

The blizzard was coming down in full force at this point. I again questioned whether this was a bad idea. After driving several miles on a snowy backroad and my car slipping a couple times, I thought about turning around. But something in me kept me going. By Adam Henrichs, Creatio Executive Director Solo camping! […]

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21Apr 2021

The Desire for Newness by Jack Walsh

  “The desire we have in our hearts for newness is a desire that is pointing directly towards Christ as the answer, a desire that God himself put there” As I look out the window of the plane at the world of crop-circles and obscure little towns below me, I wonder where I am. Maybe […]

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24Mar 2022

2022 Lenten Blog Series | The Necessary Silence of the Mind

  “Silence is an activity, a word, a state of being that has all but lost its meaning in our overstimulated and over media-saturated world.” Silence is craved but when found it is too often pushed out and replaced or fled from. Even though it is necessary, we deprive Silence of its rightful place in […]

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07Apr 2022

2022 Lenten Blog Series | Authenticity

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12Apr 2022

2022 Lenten Blog Series | Gratitude