Biblical Adventures: The Grain of Wheat


Creatio has begun a new series of spiritual activities called Biblical Adventures. The central idea is to participate in outdoor activities that are used in the Bible to illustrate a spiritual reality. Some examples are vine dressing, fishing, shepherding, farming, harvesting wheat, etc. By actually participating in these activities, we can get some deeper insight and understand nuances of what was meant in the spiritual sense as well.  Especially today, in a technological and fast paced world, many people may have never experienced or even understand well what it means to fish, shepherd, farm or harvest. The goal of Biblical Adventures is to learn about these realities, and then apply our hands on knowledge to deepen on the understanding of Scripture.

The first activity was held last Saturday, Oct. 20 at Jacob Springs Farm. Christian farmer Andre Houssney, generously shared his knowledge, time and wheat to show us traditional harvesting, threshing, winnowing and grinding methods, similar to what Jesus knew in his time. All participants had a chance to experience these activities, which are often much harder than they look. We also learned about wheat biology, farming seasons and rhythms and Andre shared his experience as a farmer and historical/biblical knowledge on wheat farming. At the end we baked some unleavened bread (foccacia style), ate and shared. The activity was concluded with a Lectio Divina prayer.

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