Back from the High Andes

I am back to the USA after almost 2 months in Peru leading mission trips. While there I took the time and did some reserach and interviews to understand the impact of climate change, if any, on impoverished people. I have a new article on this issue, mixing both the latest reasearch as well as empirical and anecdotal evidence from the field.

The picture up top shows me, and one of the Tropical Glaciers which are under so much study, as mentioned in the article. This is Allin Capac, one of the highest and prettiest glaciers in the region of Ayaviri, near the town of Macusani. Below, is an expedition we made up, and inside the glacier, which was extraordinary. We climbed up an ice tunnel for over 100 ft. This is a preview of the Documentary, the 4th Rupture: A path towards reconciliation, of which one episode was filmed inside these glacier tunnels. More on the missions soon…

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