This is a beautiful analogy and reflection of André Houssney about biblical stories based on the planet care. In these days close to Christmas Day we must remember that God comes to the world to teach us more about the love for everything that surround us.   “Give a man an acre and he will […]


In the following lines,  Stratford Caldecott presents us his vision of hope in order to get a better environmental careful, considering no only the own benefits, but also the welfare of all God´s creatures. John Paul II in his Message for the World Day of Peace in 1990 said: “Peace with God the Creator; Peace […]


Dr. Pablo Martínez de Anguita present us a marvelous description about his  reconciliation experience between science and faith, two ways to recognize the wisdom of God Dr. Pablo Martinez is catholic, researcher and university professor of environmental economics. The history of Dr.Pablo with nature dates since many years ago when he used to contemplate the […]


  By José Ambozic The term Human Ecology has been used since long time ago in many contexts, but it was used firstable in 1991 by Pope John Paul II to mention the whole of the environment and conditions conducive to the healthy life, development and fulfillment of the human person. This seems a providential […]

Stewardship of Creation and Stewardship of the Body Lifestyle to Promote the Reconciliation with God, Ourselves, with Others and Creation.

We want to present you another post extracted from the Creatio Conference in the WYD in Rio de Janeiro this year. Thank you  to Dr. Thomas R. Collingwood for his amazing presentation.   The underlying priority of all efforts for environmental integrity, energy justice and care for creation is a concern for the dignity and well […]

Canticle of all Creatures

St. Francis of Assisi, whose day was celebrated today, gave us  a great legacy , his love and concern for all creatures, as an expression of God’s love for us. Following  the example of Saint Francis we can get the  reconciliation with creation each day! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlL_gkU89LY]

Faith, The Bridge Between God´s Creatures and their Participation in the Understanding of the Greater Meaning of the Creation.

This post is part of the conference  about  “Jesus and Nature: Catholic Perspectives on Environmental Issues”, presented in Rio from July 22-24 for WYD.  Thank you to  Dr. José Duarte de Barros Filho for this  valuable  contribution. Biology and Faith are two marvelous aspects of the majesty, wisdom and love of God

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