About Climate Change in These Days



Yanamarey Glacier shows us the effect of the climate change  on the glaciers around the world

Duarte Costa, specialist in Climate Change from Exeter University comments with us his impressions about the climate change problem in our world and the main challenges that this represent for the humankind, including church. 

Last report of IPCC textually say:

“Climate change poses an increasing threat to equitable and sustainable development. Some climate related impacts on development are already being observed. Climate change is a threat multiplier, exacerbating other threats to social and natural systems in ways that place additional burdens on the poor and constrain possible development paths for all. Development along current pathways can contribute to climate risk and vulnerability, further eroding the basis for sustainable development”

Considering the cited by IPCC, Dr. Costa say:

“Never in the history, world has been more attentive to the development aspects, sustainability and risk of poverty. I think that climate change reflect the damage that a irresponsible human behaviour brings us

It would be good that church with its experience in the defense of poor people could be part actively of the decision making process in the world about sustainable development and adaptation of climate change”

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