Oct. 11-15, 2017: Lifeteen Pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail


The Way is Waiting for you...

Appalacian Trail Pilgrimage to Lifeteen Encounter

Join the leader in Catholic Missions and Adventures, CREATIO, for a two day trek through the Appalachian Trail on your way to Lifeteen Encounter at Hidden Lake. Your experience will include pickup from the airport and transportation to the start of the trail at Springer Mountain. You’ll carry your own pack with your own sleeping bag, and set up camp along one of America’s most beloved hiking trails. A guide, tent, meals, and campsites are included. Admission to Lifeteen Encounter is purchased separately. Given that this is a pilgrimage, and not ‘just’ a hike, spiritual formation, a sense of purpose, and a convivial but thoughtful atmosphere will be part of the experience.


$179 EARLY BIRD due by September 1

$195 until registration closes on October 1


airport pickup/dropoff, tents, campsites, guide, meals


backpack, sleeping bags, admission to Lifeteen Encounter

The Route

Getting to Springer Mountain


All participants must arrive NO LATER THAN 3pm on October 11th at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  Or you are welcome to drive to Springer Mountain and meet us at our first night’s campsite there.  We can help arrange transportation back to your car after the pilgrimage.


The pilgrimage route ends at the Lifeteen Encounter conference, where pilgrims will be able to shuttle back to the airport on Sunday morning.

Additional Details

Please wait until we have confirmed your participation in the pilgrimage to buy your flights. Please contact us if you’d like assistance choosing flights or connecting with other pilgrims to travel together,  You are responsible for your transportation and lodging should you choose to arrive early or leave later than the indicated times.

What To Bring

RECOMMENDED – 1 Backpack Only

  • Emergency contact information
  • Pack to carry all items
  • Sleeping bag liner, light sleeping bag, or light blanket (Bed bugs are always possible. There are sprays to treat your bag to help keep beg bugs away if you would like.)
  • Water bottle or Camelbak
  • Rosary
  • Headlamp
  • Hiking clothes – Recommendation: Bring two sets of clothing. You can wash one each night. Clothes that dry quickly are best – technical/hiking clothes. Avoid cotton.
  • Light outer shell raincoat
  • 1 set of light sleeping clothes – t-shirt and shorts
  • Use layering system, you won’t need a large coat
  • Good walking/hiking shoes
  • Sandals/flip flops for shower and evenings
  • Sunglasses/hat
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper – just a small roll for wilderness trail times
  • Sunscreen
  • Small towel
  • Prescribed and non-prescribed medications
  • Pack cover (or poncho or garbage bag to keep your pack dry if it rains)


  • One small book – Be very prudent with weight! There won’t be a lot of time to sit and read. (Recommendation: The Way or a similar small book with reflections)
  • Bible – Again, be prudent with weight. Travel versions are best.
  • Journal
  • Camera and charger
  • Phone and charger.  Leaders will carry a phone for emergencies so you will be able to leave your phone off during the trip.
  • Earplugs
  • Small pouch for Passport and personal money
  • Blister care – safety pins (2), needle, thread, band-aids, first aid tape, Vaseline, moleskin. Creatio will provide some.
  • Watch – not necessary, but handy for meeting times and morning alarm

Registration and Payment

Walk The (Catholic) Walk!

Join Creatio for an Unforgettable Spiritual Journey to Lifeteen Encounter 2017!

Previous Pilgrimages


I quickly learned that in the silence of our hearts is where God speaks. I have never truly experienced this until the Camino. To give God an hour of my full attention while walking in his creation brought many unexpected blessings… I saw all of the blessings God has continually given me which I don’t deserve, but seeing how he cares and loves me brought so much joy! I really had a chance to talk to God, and my life will never be the same.

Paula | Pilgrim from South Dakota


“The Camino teaches humility and perseverance. It brings people together who initially might not want to be brought together, which is an essential element of good teamwork. Above all, the Camino is a time for reflection, self-examination, and prayer. You will know yourself better, emerging more aware of your tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses as well as understanding others better too. “

Will | Pilgrim from Pennsylvania