Rocky Mountain 10th Mountain Division Hut Trip


Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads!

Join Creatio's Experienced Team for a Backcountry Trip of a Lifetime

About This Trip

Imagine multiple days of the best skiing of your life, with nobody else on the mountain but your friends! Enjoy 3 days in a winter wonderland building snowforts like you were a kid again, skiing, sledding, or just sitting cozy by the fire playing games and sipping hot cocoa.

The 10th Mountain Division huts are a network of 34 huts in the Rocky Mountains. The huts provide a unique opportunity to travel the backcountry year-round, while staying in comfortable accommodations. There are 350 miles of suggested trails connecting the huts for plenty to see and experience!

Trip Details

Dates: January 10-13, 2016

Creatio Trip Guide: Chris Lanciotti

Cost: $130 - Payment can be Completed by the PayPal Link Below or in Person to Chris Lanciotti

Departure is from Denver, CO on morning of January 10 and return is late on the evening of January 13 to Denver.

Abilities Required/ Rentals

All Participants are expected to have Intermediate/ Advanced Skiing or Snowboarding capabilities and familiarity with all terrains. Backcountry Skiis or Snowboard Rentals are NOT INCLUDED and all participants are expected to have their own set-up. Upon request, snowshoes can be provided free-of-charge by Creatio. Recommended location for Backcountry Rentals include Confluence Kayaks, LLC, in Denver, CO, and Crystal Ski Shop in Boulder, CO.

When To Go

November – March


From $75 / Person / Day

Ideal Length

2-5 Days

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