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Build Clean Cookstoves in Peru

December 27 - January 10 Huaraz, Peru

Indoor air pollution kills approximately 2 million people per year. Clean cookstoves solve this problem, and you can help!

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Adventures, Pilgrimages, Missions

Surfing & Service in Costa Rica

Experience moments of intense encounter with the most needy while witnessing the environmental beauties of Costa Rica. In addition to executing a meaningful service project, adventurers will learn to surf by beautiful Costa Rican beaches and raft on some of the best white water rapids in the world.
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St. Francis Pilgrimage from Assisi to Rome

The Way of St. Francis, or the Via Francigena, follows the 150-mile path that St. Francis of Assisi would have likely traveled on his way to Rome. Pilgrims will walk through the stunning Italian countryside, stopping along villages and conversing with locals as they make the same journey that St. Francis made almost 800 years ago.
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Galapagos Islands/Ecuador Adventure Mission

Get up close and personal with some of the most diverse marine life on the planet while hopping around the Galapagos islands and serving the poor in mainland Ecuador.
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Rocky Mountain Snowshoe Adventure

Creatio's experienced mountain guides will take you through gorgeous mountain terrain for an experience you can only get in winter. Physically challenging and spiritually inspiring, our snowshoe trip is open to people with any level of outdoor experience.
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Mission Trip to Lima, Peru

Shantytowns outside of Peru's largest city, Lima, need your help. You can dramatically improve the quality of life of extremely impoverished people through various = projects with your group.
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Rocky Mountain 10th Mountain Division Hut Trip

Imagine multiple days of the best skiing of your life, with nobody else on the mountain but your friends! Enjoy 3 days in a winter wonderland building snowforts like you were a kid again, skiing, sledding, or just sitting cozy by the fire playing games and sipping hot cocoa.
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Camino De Santiago

People of all faith traditions recognize the importance of pilgrimage. The Camino draws pilgrims from around the world simply because there's nothing like it anywhere else. Find out why!
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Fly Fishing Adventure

Creatio fly fishing guides are both enthusiasts and experts, and welcome both beginners and pros to join them on trips throughout Colorado and Chile.
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Hiking the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Join Creatio for a weekend adventure in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and summit a couple"fourteeners" while contemplating the beauty of the created universe.
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Our Mission

Encounter the beauty of creation and our Creator through:

Service to the Poor

Get involved! Help improve the lives of the most needy, here in the U.S. or abroad.

Outdoor Adventure

Few things inspire the soul like our Creator's creation.

Mission Trips

Join a trip or organize one for your group. Creatio helps you help around the world.

Environmental Stewardship

Creatio promotes responsible practices in line with Pope Francis' Laudato Si'.



Whether you want to commit to a day or a year, we can help you find ways to volunteer with Creatio or our partner organizations around the world.

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Faith and Environment

I have been debating about becoming a blogger for a while now. This is an experiment. I have been interested in both faith and environmental issues, and especially their interaction, for a long time. Much of my interest in following the blogosphere has been to understand environmental issues well in order to speak and act […]

Landmark environmental Papal statement published

Yesterday a landmark statement to be read by Pope Benedict XVI on January 1st 2010, the World Day of Peace, was made public. The message entitled “If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation” is among the most important Vatican teachings on the environment, comparable to John Paul II’s message exactly 20 years ago on […]

The world’s response

It’s common that the secular media put’s a fantastical spin on Vatican statements, as the media coverage announcing “new sins” as if the Catholic Church comes up with a list on a whim every so often. This time, the Pope’s remarks have received less coverage than usual (perhaps overshadowed by the failing Copenhagen talks on […]